Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MadPea Store and *New* Items

Have you started your Holiday Shopping yet?  Did you see anything from the Holiday Havoc hunt or from previous hunts that you would like to own, or get for someone else?  
You can find exclusive Holiday Havoc hunt characters, in our Mad City Store.  You can own them by playing the Gacha machines.  They are L$50, you can hug them, and they are fun to trade.  Collect them all!

1. Baker Pea 2. Chant 3. Chef Pea 4. Goldy Locks Pea 5. Umpa Pea 6. Jolly Pea 7. Nerd Pea 
 8. Rocker Pea 9. Pundit 10. Sir Pea 11. Sabre tooth Pea 12. Mr. Ice 13. Sun Pea 
14. Sleepea 15. ? (Mystery Pea) 

1. Spooky 2. Storm Pea 3. Flaming Skull Pea 4. Zombie Survival Pea 5. Goth Pea 
6. Horror Pea 7. Kracken Pea 8.Lurking Pea 9. Vampira 10. Necromancer 11. Sorcerer 
12. Emo Pea 13. Metal Pea 14. Wraith 15.? (Mystery Pea)

Here at MadPea, we have some *New* Items, which are now available.  So, if you are undecided on what to get for your family, friends, visit either one of our stores today on the Death Row Island Sim and 
Mad City.  We just might have the perfect gift you are looking for.

Halloween town Dark Walkway Set
5 piece set - 1 Straight, 2 Left Curve, 2 Right Curve

MadPea Christmas Tree
Complete with MadPea Ornament.

Drunk Hobo Santa Tip-jar/Decor
Includes both Tip-jar and Decor Version

Spooky, Animated Green Ground Fog!

Christmas town Icicle.

Halloween town Monster Fountain, with moving water.

Pea Carolers Set with Sound!

Pumpkin Catapult, fires temporary Rez pumpkins.  
Has access menu, auto fire and touch to fire options.

Halloween town Tomb Set - 6 Piece
Set includes animated crypt with pose, static crypt, cross tombstone, pillar tombstone, shrine tombstone, grave dirt pile.

Mad City- MadPea Store

Death Row Island Sim-MadPea Store

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