Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mad City Sim and fun things to do!

Mad City is back, Mad Pea Style!  This wonderful sim is decked up for the Holidays. Snow falling and full of so many fun things to do.  Visit us today!

A *New* gift for you each day until December 25th 2013.
Click the door that corresponds to that particular day, and receive a hint.  Follow that hint and it will lead you where the gift is hidden.  It is a *free* hunt and all you need to do is activate your MadPeas group tag, to receive the gift.  You cannot skip ahead, but will be able to go back and go for the past gifts, if you have missed them.

Our MadPea store is stocked with new and old items.  As well, as our Exclusive Gachas with our Gacha Peas.

Santa's Snapshots, a cozy little shop with Santa Pea, Mrs. Claus Pea, and all the helpful elves.  The perfect place to take your holiday snapshots, play gacha machines and visit Santa Pea.  He will give you a gift if you have been good.  So be good Peas!  For goodness sake...

Please respect our sim rules at all times, so you don't end up, back at the Sheriff's office!

Bakery in Mad City is found around the corner of the Diner.  Its in a little side street and you will be able to share all of your yummy Holiday recipes and dishes with Peas all around the world and Second Life.  Please stop by and enter your recipe today.  We love to share what is cooking in your kitchen and ours.

Every Friday, we have our Friday Madness Events in the park...along with other events.  So stay tuned, and keep up with our Facebook page to find out the latest scheduled events and contests.  Don't miss out on the fun MadPea activities, all winter long in the Park.


Yes, a dating agency.
Mad Love Match dating agency is located within the heart of Mad City next to Madame Peacock's Fortune Telling shop.  Our service is for serious people only, and who are in search of a lifetime partner or even just someone to play our games with!

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