Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vote for the Machinima Contest Winner!


The MadPea Crew has chosen 5 favorites of the contest entries. Now it is your turn to vote. All machinima are posted at our Facebook page. Please click LIKE if you want one of the films to win $12 000L. Voting lasts until Jan 4th, 12pm SLT. The one with most likes wins!

Fuschia Nightfire (a.k.a. Nina Camplin RL): Rollercoaster Ride

The rollercoaster made Fuschia a nightmare:

Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt - Where are you?

A little girl got lost in the MadPea carneval and is seeking her daddy.

Lancelot Skytower - Carneval Clown Nightmare

A nightmare with an unexpected end!

Spiral Silverstar -  Incident at MadPea

One week after he broke up with his girlfriend she asked for a meeting at Madpea Carneval...

Tutsy Navarathna: Bad Trip @ MadPea

Strange people a MadPea carneval!

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