Monday, December 31, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: The Cube- Art Gallery

The gamers love the hunt as we hear from much grateful comments. From our group chat:

Harlequin Rhode: I'm having guilty pangs... not being too productive in RL.. THIS HUNT IS TOO MUCH FUN!
 silk ( wow that was excellent... a real challenge and excellent fun
 L㋡Lita 愛 (lolita.nomura): ok the final was stunning you madpeas are truly mad love you

And of course you want to see more gifts!  Today we talk to Yaiza Galicia, artist and owner of The Cube - Art Gallery:

Yaiza Galicia:  "A few months ago I happened to mount an art gallery in which I and other artists we could exhibit our artwork. Thus was born The cube art gallery, this building consists of several blocks, each of them we can find many works of art and paintings by some artists. In the gallery you can find new exhibitions each month of abstract art, handmade paintings and some sculptures known. The monochrome colors are very present in almost all the works."

Some impressions from the gallery:

And see here your prize for the hunters:

Yaiza Galicia:" I decided to create this bust mysterious bloodstained. With the disappearance of the 15 haunted this object is also lost. Nobody knows the hidden powers you have, you will discover you."

How to start the hunt:

MadPea wishes all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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