Saturday, December 22, 2012

MadPeaCarneval Parade Today at 12 PM!

MadPeas will be hosting a parade through Carneval on Dec. 22nd at 12:00 SLT!  There will be a contest for "Best Apocalypse Survivalist" parade float.  Floats will be judged by the crowd, so get your creative mojo going and build an AMAZING parade float!  Theme is "I Survived the Mayan End of the World!".  Because Peas ROCK and we'll be the last ones standing!  Either that, or we tripped the guy in front of us. :)

There will be prizes for best float!

BEST APOCALYPSE SURVIVALIST = 3000 L Giftcard to the MadPea store to deck out your own Survival Bunker!!

There will be music, dancing and free gifts for all who come!

Taxi to Carneval:

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