Friday, December 21, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Fallen Gods

Ths is the last call! A bit more than one day to finish the hunt! And that is more thn enough to cover all 15 destinations. In case you stuck, find some extra help at our facebook page and in theMadPea group.

Alia Baroque has been creating for the SL community for just over 5 years. Owner of Fallen Gods Inc., Alia is known for his highly detailed, hand painted fantasy skins.

And that is the great prize for the hunters:

For the Enchanted Frost hunt Alia made a frosty version of the Tao tattoo he has used as a design element in other skins. It is a great addition to any skin collection and a unique and interesting way to display that duality that lurks just under the surface sometimes!

Come quick and start the hunt:

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