Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Mad

Only two days more and the next hunt starts: Room 326. The MadPea team is lloking forward to another big challenge. You will love it! Curious for more hunt prizes? Today we talk to La Bouchère (Eve Kazan), owner of Mad:

La Bouchère (Eve Kazan): "First of all, I would like to explain the name of my shop. "Mad'" is the brand, La Boucherie is the concept : "Meat and cosmetics". La Boucherie is the French word to say The Butchery. It's a provocative idea to play with the sense of beauty. All avatars are composed by pieces from real things, like real skins, photo-realistic skins, who are those people ? They are maybe dead, did you ever think to wear the skin of a really dead person. We are Frankenstein !! So my products are mostly for the body, cosmetics, makeup, nails, and few accessories."

And see here the great prize for the hunters:

La Bouchère (Eve Kazan): "I have released a mystic makeup with bloody eyes and burned tongue. The sign on the front is a mix of two esoteric sign, the famous pentagram and the sign of Lucifer. I was very afraid when i made it. I think it's an ideal makeup for who wants to do satanic ceremony or an exorcism play. Booh !"

The next days you will find all information about the upcoming hunt. Stay tuned! 

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