Thursday, December 27, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Never Totally Dead

MadPea has to thank Silex Zapedzki and Bluesean Yiyuan, who built the 'Silent Peacock' hotel for the hunt. The hotel  has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326. We wanted to know a little bit about the gifted builders.

MadPea:  In your store you sell not only manors. We find as well beautiful furniture and much haunted items. All are fun to see because of the style and the brilliant almost natural textures. Are you in creation rl too?

Silex + Bluesean: Not really, and not anymore in our current jobs, unfortunately... this is probably why we enjoy so much creating stuff in SL. Sean is the master texturer and Silex is the prim manipulator... We are quite complementary!

MadPea: What is the extra fun with spooky environment?

Silex + Bluesean: Well here, we also enjoy surprising our guests and customers by adding animation and special effects; looking for the right sounds is also quite interesting. In the end, creating these environments is much more than just  building and texturing.

MadPea: You took part of builders team at the upcoming Room 326 Hunt. What have you build for the gamers?

Silex + Bluesean: Because of the intense activity on the hotel, we had very little time to think about and create something new and significant. So we just decided to offer our first build, the Haunted Manor, it brought us luck, so we hope it will please the winners too.

MadPea:. To say it nice: the hotel has seen better days ;) Was it fun to create it?

Silex + Bluesean: It was an amazing project. We were not used to build with such a short deadline, this is why we asked Sasha00 Laryukov to join the team,  we knew he could add his own talents to the project. It had a very stimulating effect and we finished early enough. It was also nice to work with the MadPea team and receive new ideas and suggestions as the work went on.

MadPea: Your shop is called 'Never Totally Dead'. Please tell about it!

Silex + Bluesean: It is never easy to talk about one's work and for that reason we would surely prefer to let our work talk for us!  Our first work as a team was a Haunted Manor filled with all the items you can expect there: ghosts, haunted furniture, rats.... and we just tried to innovate a little and make the place fell like it had been a real home once.

We can say that we build old houses or manors, and now a hotel for MadPea, where we would like to stay. These buildings are freely inspired from existing places, the challenge is not to create a replica but to imagine a complete place from just one or two pictures.

MadPea: And what are your prizes for the hunters?

Silex + Bluesean: The prize is a special decoration displayed in The Silent Peacock hotel for the Room 326 hunt, the luggage set in the lobby and our second gift is the Haunted Manor.

MadPea: Thank you for the interview!

Tomorrow you find in this blog all you need to know how to start the Room 326 Hunt.

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