Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Enchanted Frost Hunt

To celebrate the start of the cold season, we're bringing a brand new hunt to keep you warm.
This time, we're entering the fantasy world of Princess Enid:

A sorcerer, dark in spirit and craft, happened upon the Princess Enid in the forest one day. So besotted was he by her beauty and compassion he sought to keep her by his side always. To this end, one night while she slept, he crept into her bed chamber and plucked 15 hairs from her head. With each strand he pulled, he captured one of Enid's memories of her life before she met him. When Enid awoke, she found herself in a beautiful garden. She had no memory that this was not her home and when she saw the sorcerer, she had no memory that he had stolen her away in the night. 

Every morning he comes to visit Enid and every evening he leaves, after spending the day basking in the glow of her kindness and love. Each evening when he leaves, he carefully replaces the lock on the garden gate. An enchanted lock he has fashioned from the strands of hair he plucked from Enid's head. A lock that has braided her lost memories together and makes it impossible for her to ever remember who she is or who might be missing her. As long as she never finds her lost memories, Enid will stay in the secret garden, locked away from her kingdom. Unable to free them from the frost that has settled over the land in her absence.

Once the players have successfully found what they need in order to complete the hunt, they will be generously rewarded by these 15 amazing chosen vendors:

Fallen Gods Inc.
The Looking Glass
Vengeful Threads
Les sucreries de Fairy
Machinima Open Studio Project
An Lema
~*Star Kindler Designs*~
forest feast
Dragon Magick Wares
Quixote's Dream

Don't miss out, launched on the 16th of November with a big party!

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