Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Distorted Dreams

Only 3 days more and the next hunt starts: Room 326. Today we present the first hunt prize. We talk with Jacinda Bravin and Epic Maidstone, owners of Distorted Dreams.

Jacinda Bravin: "Six or so years ago, me and Epic met in SL, we have been bestfriends ever since. Needless to say after a while of both running our own stores and doing collaboration builds we decided to merge our stores. Fast forward to present day and we live together in RL now and continue to create (what we feel are awesome) builds and items. Clothing, Skins, props, and full on skyboxes and prefabs. Even rebuilding a few large sims together."

The store has been refurbished recently and appears in a great new look:

Here are some new products:

Find more at Flickr.
And that is the  prize for the hunters:

Jacinda Bravin:  "When this hunt was first announced, all we knew was the name and the basic theme. But we decided run then and there that we HAD to be a part of this one and we were going to build a skybox. A hotel skybox, of course. Complete with hallway and Room 326. It was built before we even got accepted >.> Lol. But we just had to build it, we were so inspired. So I hope everyone enjoys our gift!"

Hunt start is December 28. Check the blog daily and be on the lookout for future announcements!

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