Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Trident

Only 3 more das to finish the Hunt. Still enough time to follow the story and to grab the great gifts. Today wie talk to Laufey Markstein, owner of Trident.

Laufey Markstein: I create a bit of everything. The two main genres in the store are historical (ancient, to medieval, to renaissance and even gorean), with an accent on ships, houses and everyday items, and farming/landscaping, as well as a fairly rich section of seasonal themed decorations.

Most the historical builds are inspired from RL museum replicas or archeological finds, and I try to mediate the need to keep a low prim count and a size and useability of the item friendly to SL users
with as much historical accuracy of the item as possible.

See here some seasonal products:

And this is the prize for the hunters:

Laufey Markstein: One of my winter decorations line, a "frozen" version of my Mistletoe Arch, coming in a simple 3 prim version or a more complex version with white or red candles.

How to start the hunt:

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