Monday, December 17, 2012

The Next Hunt is Ahead: Room 326!

The Enchanting Frost Hunt ends December 22nd and in case you have not finished yet, you should do now. And for those who cannot wait for the next hunt, Room 326 runs  December 28th - January 31st.

T h e  S t o r y  B e h i n d  T h e  H u n t: 

The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326. 
It's a mystery of how this has happened since the door has been locked and there are no signs of struggle or forced entry. All of the personal belongings of the guests have been untouched.  The local police has been left clueless. 

The players will take the role as private investigators to examine the evidence and search for the truth behind the disappearances. 

Do you dare to enter Room 326 and discover the evil secrets it holds?

Once the players have successfully found what they need in order to complete the hunt, they will be generously rewarded by these 15 amazing chosen vendors:

Hackberry Hall
Lilith's Den
Mad' - La Boucherie
Image Essentials
Death Row Designs
The Cube - Art Gallery
Carrie's Lingerie
.::Distorted Dreams::.
Mesh Depo

Don't miss out, launched on the 28th of December with a big party!

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