Monday, August 6, 2012

Bored? Come for Hunting at MadPea!

MadPea is working hard on the current projects. In the meantime you have our events to enjoy, like Primtionary, Show and Tell and others. But currently we are also participating two hunts!

The first hunt is the Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Hunt. The great gift is a necklace with a violin in two sizes. The violins are playing 4 beautiful melodies each.

The second hunt is SKULL-N-BONES The Pirate Hunt 2. The MadPea gift is a photoprop.

What you will get is a copy of "puzzle 2"  in the new MadPea adventure puzzle game "Pocket Pirates".  This copy does not, however have an active puzzle, it is more of a teaser/photo prop.  The perms are set to MOD, so you can add any poses or scripts you like and can modify it to suit your needs. We hope you get hours of fun-filled enjoyment out of this gift. Do feel free to upload any photos you may take to the MadPea Game Flickr group:

Chic Aeon made a nice blog post using the photoprop:

Come on hunting!


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  1. Hey here I am hanging around your website and I spot my photo :D. LOL. Thanks for the plug