Monday, January 30, 2012

Lorin Tone MusicMan

We met Madpea Games very own sound machine Lorin Tone walking on an iron bridge and dressed like a Monkey.
"I am making environmental sounds for Sanity Falls" he said
Mr. Lorin Tone

We caught up with Lorin a few days later and asked him if making music was something he did in his real life. He admitted that he had been doing sound production for a very long time and he was a professional sound producer, he also played the pipe organ, percussion, keyboard and synthesisers where his "thing" and that he was a professional rocker. His friends Eolene and Paramparamm arrived whilst we where talking about his real life and Eolene asked if he could play bagpipes like her brother. Lorin happily turned into a bagpipe bird that had been created by Madcow. You have to smile at the unreality of Second Life, from a monkey to a bagpipe in two seconds flat.

Lorin the Bagpipe Bird

Lorin became involved in Madpeas Games via his friend Madcow who introduced him to the group. So "you're a seasoned madpea then" we asked, he told us he had been around a year, that is a long time in the world of second life, where there are four days in one of our days, thats the equivalent to four years. So he had been working on quite a few hunts and he gets involved in the production of the video productions like this one.

MadPea Games Video

We wanted to know if Lorin was responsible for the deadly screams on the dictaphone at Peatonville Asylum, he admitted that he was, "but its not me screaming" he laughed. He uses professional sounds that he has either produced or has the license to use in production of screaming dictaphones, sinister yells or even horribly creaky doors and floor boards. Lorin said he found Peatonville very enjoyable and that he was enjoying his work on Sanity Falls. So just how far do the sound effects go in Sanity Falls we cannot wait to find out for our selves.

Disappeared from Flickr, was this Dictaphone too mad to show.

Where there is need for a noise, its probably Lorin that made it, and we cannot wait to hear to final cut of these wonderful effects. If you think about real life everything has a noise, so its the silence you start to fear. Go around any sim in second life and you will hear the sound of rushing waters, birds cawing, singing, even the howling of wolves and you think you heard it all before. Yet when we walk around the secret location of Sanity Falls we discover that the sound is almost real, sounds you never heard before mingled with familiar ones.

That is the magic of a good soundscape, we took our victim for a walk on the bridge, and heard things from our nightmares. It wasn't long before we started jumping and turning at noises and asking  "Who's there" but no one answered so we walked a little faster and again we heard haunting melodies and unerving noises, they really are unlike anything we have heard in second life before.

Dressed for her dreams, our victim posed, pyjamas/pj's optional but not required for Sanity Falls, you might want to bring your teddy bear or cuddly rock for company though. Madpea Games production is all about using your imagination afterall, when that goes awry it starts to feel like a bit of nightmare.

Blogger screaming pj's optional. Teddybear essential.

Running for our lives.
Make of it what you will when you join us on April 1st to play the game/hunt called Sanity Falls.

Before we leave you to ponder the mysteries of Sanity Falls, just take a peak at Lorins home, where there is a second life steam pipe organ for you to play, you can buy this and take it home with you, there are smaller versions for prim limited homes. Or you can play in your very own sound studio. You can't do any harm because everything in second life is safe right? Nothing bad can happen in second life. Will you think the same after you have experienced Sanity Falls.

Playing Lorins pipe organ its on sale.
Messing with sound in Lorins studio also on sale.

We want to leave you with Lorins own thoughts, of his madpea game colleagues. "I'd like to add that Madpea is a great team to work with, full of great folks who have great creative and artistic skills.It's an honor to work with them, always.

 When we open the hunt called Sanity Falls we invite you all to as Lorin put it "walk the path and experience how SL's proximity based sounds can be used for evil purposes!" he laughed in a madpea sort of way, manically!!!
So there you have it folks, fellow peas, our sweet little green peas, without sound Sanity Falls wouldn't be the scare of your second life.

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