Monday, January 30, 2012

NEW HUNT April 1st

Ok, so I'm gonna be a tease right now...

I have the poster for the new MadPea hunt set to open on April 1st and run thru June 30th 2012.

We are accepting application now- 50 vendors will be selected. If you would like an application to be a vendor for this hunt send me an IM or drop me a Note Card inworld- Clicquot Oh and I will get you right away.

For hunters- get ready to be surprised all over again- this is gonna be even better than the last hunt!

Stay tuned for details, join the MadPea group inworld, check the Madpea BLOG,  like us on Facebook FaceBook find our videos on Youtube and post your pictures of MP related goodness to Flickr.

So, we will see you soon- I will have prize pics later as always.. and we will "leak" story details consider yourself warned that you will be teased!


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