Saturday, January 28, 2012

YAY! 'Show and Tell' on Sunday!

After the great relaunch of the builders event “Show and Tell ” two weeks ago tomorrow it will be held again. 

"Show and Tell" has been a popular event for almost 7 years. MadPea generously host the event now and donated 1000 Linden for the prizes. The pot can be increased significantly by visitor donations. Each participant will receive guaranteed 100 Linden, the rest will be distributed to the winners.
Talk with host Lorin Tone
Each participant has an area of 25x25m available for the builds and an hour to present and comment the work.
Takni Miklos presented a nice particle script
The wonderful host Lorin Tone explains how the winner will be chosen: “The audience decides the winners by voting on our voting board. Prize money will be awarded proportionally to all the presenters. Attendees can also contribute to the pot. That's the fun of Show and Tell, everyone is a part of it, whether they show or not.” Lucky winner of last week Marianne McCann won 1008L!
Marianne McCann won with a Multiple Picture Frame
„Show and Tell“ tomorrow and every 2nd Sunday held at 2-3 PM SLT.  The board will fill up again pretty quickly, so builders are recommended to show up early.

You are cordially invited! Builders and visitors don’t miss it! It will be again a great fun!


by Quan Lavender


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