Saturday, February 4, 2012


Home of the 'Order of Perception
Harter Fall has pleasure in exploiting the possibilities of SL and seems to make the impossible real in SL. I always suspected his builds as a little bit extraterrestrial, but now I can be sure. He has not only allowed aliens to build a temple on his place at LEA 16, no he actively helped them. Now inhabit some monks of the "Order of Perception"  a cathedral and plan to open every week another portal where we can have a look into other universes which break the laws of nature. The first portal leads us to the universe of Q-937X1 "The Upend", home of  the monks of the Order Wunduguan.
I must admit, they manage to fascinate us earthlings. The MadPea team is also infected and just installed a small hunt that we visitors have even more fun
For the hunt click this sign at the landing point and follow the hints
And I can feel it already, I have to go back next week and discover another universe. I am sure they will get all of us. What are their plans???
Does Harter Fall know more?
P.S. Aliens are, of course, made ​​of mesh, so please use an appropriate viewer.

Opening today, Saturday at 2 PM SLT 
 by Quan Lavender

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