Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost 2.000 Players - Interview with Kiana Writer

It is absolutely faboulos, Sanity Falls will have in the next hours 2.000 players. That is so far the mst succesful hunt MadPea ever had.

Here an Interview with Madpea's founder and creative head, Kiana Writer:

Kiana Writer

Q.L.: Kiana, tell a bit about the history of Madpea. How long has it been existing and what have been your ideas behind it?

Kiana Writer: MadPea started out in 2008 under a different name - Beyond Imagination. I was really shocked that apart from the Pot Healer adventure and the original Devil's Labyrinth, there was nothing similar in Second Life. My goal was to make a difference.. push the envelope a bit more and give people something challenging, fun and different to do. I had no idea then that it would grow to this level, I started completely from scratch, didn't even own a credit card to be able to invest any money into this... and that's what I love about SL, anything is truly possible here, as long as you believe in it.

Q.L.: And where does the name come from?

Kiana Writer: From the limitless chest of oddities and bizarre things that my mind apparently likes to store for some reason.

Q.L.: What has been the first projects?

Kiana Writer: The first ever was a serial killer hunt called 'Where the Hell is Harvey Wayne?"  It was so hilarious and HARD. That was in February 2008 and we got a great amount of people together who enjoyed this adventure and that's when I realized that I want to keep doing these as long as I possibly can.

The First Game

Q.L.: And the largest?

Kiana Writer: I'm not sure how to measure this, but if you go by the amount of time something takes, then that's definitely VMD - Virtual Medical Doctor. It took us 9 months to make this game. The scripting behind this game is probably the most complex thing ever seen in SL. Sadly we don't have many players for VMD cos it does require a lot of patience and ideally some medical background as well. Those who have completed, have enjoyed it, but I feel a bit sad that people give up so easily.

Q.L.: The latest project is Sanity Falls. Tell a bit about the idea and the creation.

Kiana Writer: - Sanity Falls is like an 'off-product' of something else.. Zachh and I were brainstorming ideas for a big game that we hopefully still get to do one of these days.. that was more about parapsychology. Suddenly Alex Blackwell's character was born and I couldn't get this disturbed psychologist out of my head... so I just had to do something about that. I love the movie 'The Game' and I've always wanted to do something along those lines in Second Life. This was the perfect chance for that and when I was testing the ice and discussing just the mere idea with the people behind SF, they all just loved it and wanted in to develop it.

We worked our asses off, but had so much fun during the creation of the game..  I can't even describe the amazing feeling you get, when you see your story coming to life. I'll be forever thankful with the team for putting up with my insanity and creating this amazing experience.

Q.L.: Sanity Falls is the most succesful Madpea hunt ever. It is just a question of hours that player No. 2.000 will join the game. Are there plans to celebrate it?

Kiana Writer: I know right! We all loved making this game and I knew it'd be a hit, but I never expected this in my wildest dreams! Thank you all for playing and for your support. :) As far as celebrations go, we're very happy to throw parties if there are interest for them? ;)

Q.L.: And can we expect for the future?

Kian Writer: Atm we're working for a rl company, creating an interactive game for their use. As far as MadPea own games go, I honestly can't say when the next one is coming out. I and my team gave our all to Sanity Falls to show what can be done in Second Life and I'm so pleased with the results. It still takes my breath away. I don't want to do anything less than this standard anymore.. the level of details is just awesome. Saying that.. We're anxiously waiting for the new LL tools to be released, cos that'd be the only way to LEVEL UP! :D You never know what's around the corner..

Q.L.: Thank you for the interview and thank you for bringing all the Mad Peas out there so much fun!

by Quan Lavender

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