Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Announcement

As promised earlier this week, it's time to make a big announcement.. of something that has been brewing at the Peapod for a bit..

Yes, the rumours that you have heard are true.. big changes are happening at MadPea!
As you all know, our most famous hunt of all times, Sanity Falls, is coming to its end June 30th.

What you didn't know, is that Sanity Falls & Hoshi Island are not the only things that are closing then.
We are also closing MadPea Base and Tupol Island for an unknown time period for a total remodelling.
That means that apart from a few small areas that are used for events and our older games, the whole MadPea will be closed for a little while.

Kaaos, Reaction, Storybook and our store will be still accessible, just moved around. VMD will stay until the end of July and then it will vanish. Show and Tell & Where's Wraith Wednesdays will continue and more events and smaller games are coming very soon. So, not to worry, you will be still entertained during our creation period.

While it's sad to say goodbye to our islands as they are, I can guarantee that it's totally worthwhile to wait for the new ones! We are teaming up with the best of the best on the grid... as well as coming up with one interactive, haunting and mysterious island, we are doing a whole full-blown adventure game that is spread on two islands. It will be the most unforgettable, disturbing and the scariest experience from MadPea yet.

Can't wait? Stay tuned on our channels: MadPeas group, Blog and Facebook. We will be posting sneakpeeks and updates of the process there.

Curious of the new look? Well, here's the first ever sneakpeek, by claudia222 Jewell:

This evil character will be the centerpiece for many many creepy things & nightmares to come..

Stay tuned, stay mad..

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