Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sanity Falls Prizes - Mustang Trading Post

Hello Peas, still time 'til the end of month to play Sanity Falls, which has almost 3.000 players so far. So hurry and see once more one of the great gifts.Today we talk to Jon Ree, owner of Mustang Trading Post:

MadPea: Thank you for participating the Sanity Falls hunt. Tell our readers about your work and your products. 

Jon Ree: Mustang Trading Post specializes in turquoise jewelry for men and women. Most pieces are inspired by the desert southwest of the US, also cowboy and cowgirl influences. We also have other clothing and accessories that are seasonal like scarves, swimwear.

MadPea: And what is your prize for the hunters?

Jon Ree: I hope hunters will enjoy the Ladies Estrella Earrings and Mens El Camino Necklace both with diamond stone.

MadPea: Finally, which 2nd prize is waiting for the hunters at the end?

Jon Ree: The entire Estrella and El Camino collection--7 colors!

MadPea: Thank you for the short interview.

How to get started:

Taxi to game:

by Quan Lavender

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