Sunday, July 29, 2012

Enjoy Airshow after Show and Tell today!

Sunday is Show and Tell day, but today MadPea offerns more fun. Stay for a great Airshow and and party!


It is always amazing what kind of builders are going to present. The huge variety is part of the fun and always differnet. After two shows has been dominated by house builders, last week was the hour of artists:

What will we see today? Come and watch! Or even better - present!!! All kind of builders are welcome.

If you're going to present, please show only items that you have made. 
Please note in advance that the showing area is 25 x 25 meters, in a circle....
please be able to fit your build in that area.
There will be L$ prizes split among all presenters, the pot will begin at L$1,000, but audience members are encouraged to toss more into the pot and usually gets pretty big.

See you at 12 pm SLT!

...and stay after that for the Airshow:


1 PM SLT - Plane Art Parade - See the wildest Warbug creations!

2 PM SLT - Battle of the Aces + Price Giving


About the Battle:

The following matches will decide the winner of this battle:

1. Sudden Death: All 10 pilots take off in the air at Tupol Island. At the designated signal, they are allowed to start fighting. After 5 minutes, the jury will decide who will proceed to the semi-final match, based on the following rules: The 4 remaining pilots will proceed. If more than 4 pilots survive, their ranking on the will determine whether they pass or not.

2. Semi-Finals: There will be two 1 on 1 matches, each 5 minutes, to determine the finalists. The planes will take off at two designated corners in the sim and the pilots are allowed to shoot at will, right after mounting the plane. If both pilots survive after 5 minutes, the jury will decide who has been on the tail of the other the longest and declare a winner.

3. WarBug 2nd Anniversary Ace: This is a 1 on 1 match with a 10-minute time limit. If both survive after 10 minutes, the jury will have the difficult task on deciding who is the winner.

Please note that, upon crashing, a contestant is no longer allowed to fly during the match in progress.
Arduenn Schwartzman

How to participate the battle:

IIf you are in the upper half of the WarBug Aerial Combat Score List the you eligible to participating in the Battle of the Aces ate the 2012 WarBug Airshow. The 10 highest ranked people present at the Battle of the Aces are invited to participate. If you are interested in participating, please contact Arduenn Schwartzman inworld.

How to participate as visitor:


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