Friday, July 13, 2012

The Landscaping Hedgehog

Sanity Falls, taken by paramparamm Papp
MadPea Productions is glad to have again paramparamm Papp as part of the builders team for the upcoming game. The breathtaking layout of the Sanity Falls sim created by him got much appreciation and recognition.

Param at "Further along the Path", taken by P.J. Trenton
And it must have been one of the works that made Bryn Oh aware of “param”, as many of his friends say. Bryn invited param to take part of the collaborative art work “Further along the Path” and he luckily agreed. It is still displayed. Go and see, you will love it! param does not like to create works with forced meanings. We agreed that good art reaches mind and heart.

param's work at "Further along the Path", taken by Tim Deschanel

When Bryn contacted me I was shocked for about half a second...cos, you know, she probably haven't seen any of my previous works, even though there were some pretty big they weren't "art" art....” param is overly humble. He did some remarkable works, like the the VWBPE (virtual worlds' best practices in education) converence's main auditorium, which was build for the conference at the corner of 4 regions and was big as region itself (photos taken by paramparamm Papp):

We wondered if the interest in building brought him into Second Life. But it was more: “Well it's a virtual reality! it is exciting... is the future ^^ we saw it decades ago when stuff like that appeared in sci-fi.” paramparamm became aware of Second Life by a TV Show about 5 years ago: “I was watching a TV show that chose virtual realities as topic for an episode... they showed a bit of SL. It looked really crappy at the time but they mentioned something that instantly lured us over: It was the fact that the whole world was being built by its residents... that you could create pretty much whatever you wanted.” After entering Second Life he explored this virtual world and started a while later to build.

He decided to be a hedgehog in Second Life: “ Hedgehogs are cool, cute and smelly.
Nothing like me at all  :D  Except maybe the smelly part.... Being a tiny helps a lot in my social interactions. Some of what I say would normally be considered rude or offensive and.. well, at least grumpy... But because I am a tiny I am allowed to do all that. Hedgie cuteness compensates for my bad personality treats.” His avatar is worth a closer look. It is decorated with much cute items created by friends or himself.

Gladly the sweet, grumpy hedgehog agreed again to do the landscaping for the reconstruction of the MadPea sims. Param: “That's what I'm doing here right now. Make some height differences, decide what goes where, connect the spots with roads....But I won't be doing any of the buildings. I really need to take some time and learn new stuffs instead.” Builders are constantly learning in order to keep updated with the latest building software...

Saying this he went. As many builders he does not really like to give interviews. And so read at the end paramparamm Papp's message to the world: "You can skip reading this post - I am not that interesting :)"


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