Sunday, August 12, 2012

Have Fun at Show and Tell Today 12 PM!

Come to Show and Tell, present your works and win Linden! Or come as visitor, enjoy and vote!

Last weeks winner was Takeo Kanashimi
This is the show where creative types share with others their latest creations.  You can show anything. The only limitation right now is our space for the size of something.   Please note in advance that the showing area is 25 x 25 meters, in a circle....please be able to fit your build in that area.  If you're going to present, please show only items that you have made. 

2nd place: levi Ewing

We have openings for 6 presenters. You will have about 8 minutes to present your works.
If you'd like to present, it's a good idea to show up a little early and let us know...we think the board will fill up pretty quickly.

3rd place:  Mucus Mesmeriser

If you'd like to come and just observe, please do, it should be a lot of fun! We do the show in voice, so as long as you can hear you are good..but you are able to text if you cannot talk.

Today's host Arduenn Schwartman made place 5 last week
There will be L$ prizes split among all presenters, the pot will begin at L$1,000, but audience members are encouraged to toss more into the pot.

See you at 12PM SLT!

 Hit the lm again once you arrive to get to the arena.

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