Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scary Fae-rytales: Fae Varriale

Fae Varriale
Some people are so talented that thy leave “normal residents” just speechless. Fae Varriale is one of them. The English, living in Wales, is not an artist rl and landet in Second Life just out of curiosity. As experienced gamer she wondered what SL could be. More accidentally she joined a contemporary dance company for a while and art took her by surprise a bit later. Fae tells: “I just landed in a creative community which started me off with building and landscaping. Then I discovered the SL artists on Flickr and it inspired me.”

Artwork by Fae Varriale
She taught herself building apart from a few tips from a friend when she got stuck early on. But she did wonderful pictures as well which found much appreciation in exhibitions., as well as her builds. Her last large work, a full sim installation revealed her wide variety of building skills. Now she joins the MadPea builders team and we asked her about it:

Part of her full sim installation Wonderlands
Quan Lavender: Now we have you in the Madpea team, that is great!

Fae Varriale: Yes, getting madder by the day! *laughs* Thanks to Harter's help I have just started trying my hand at mesh. By the way, I saw your talk with Bryn Oh on your blog, about artists and creating everything they use in their art, that was interesting. Its a hard one really, if I created all my sculpties I wouldn't have been able to express what I wanted here, but I would love to be good enough to do it. If you look at RL, the old masters often had their disciples doing the backgrounds in their paintings. Andy Warhol had a production line for his screen prints and Tracey Emin didn't build her bed.

Artwork by Fae Varriale
Quan Lavender: Yes, so true. We often forget that many artists had or have a team at the back. Christo never could have realized his projects without the help of his wife and the team. Here at MadPea you have a team at the back too! So, what are you building in the crazy team?

Fae Varriale: I made a fortune teller place and have just finished the ghost train and wait now for help with the scripts. That was a challenge to fit on the plot :) Hopefully it will scare a few folk when it pops up. They are going to get locked in there and have to find a key. It took me forever to escape from the damn room. *laughs*

Sounds like much crazy, scary MadPea fun!

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