Monday, October 8, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Arcanum

The gamers love the hunt. From our group chat:

Cigi Kraus:  ":) Finished, I love these hunts they are so much fun"

Dinah Greymoon: "A hunt with a story is the best! excellent freebies at the first stop! but they need to get the forensic cleaners in!"

Eclipse Valeska: "I'm up to 12 and I have to say, this is the absolute hardest hunt I've ever done and I've done 3 or twisted hunts.  LOL.  This one is great!"

Mareka Muscari: "Deepest grats to everyone who helped this fumbling old woman! loved the hunt,,got a list of stores I want to revisit"

Anna Ludovica (storykrafter): gotcha gotcha, roger that :)  Thanks, peas! That.  Was.  Freaking.  EXCELLENT.  :) Much love and much, much props for the coordination. Very wicked cool hunt."

But not the hunt alone, also the gifts are the finest. Zachh Barkley, owner of Arcanum ist giving away his BEST product!

Zachh Barkley: "I make "magic". - powerful spell systems that grant users magical abilities. Its an expression of my childlike imagination!"

Zachh announced new product releases for the next month. But see here the crazy gift:

Zachh: "My gift is the Wishmaster Spell HUD - The most unique hud of its kind in Second Life."

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