Thursday, October 25, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Finlandia

From our group chat:

Julia (julia.warwillow): I was sad when I got to the end of that hunt. I wanted it to continue!! It was so well done and planned!

As to the hunt prizes we have something special for you today. The presented place is not a shop, but a nice sim to explore. We talk to Danilea Finchy, owner of Finlandia:

Daniela Finchy: I have built a Sim named Finlandia. Finlandia is a nature and park themed sim. My intention is to show the Finland and finnish habits to second life for all users. At sim you can just hang out, relax and explore at sim. At sim sometimes has themed events. i dont not sell anything at sim and all events are free. I just want to that all enjoy what sim offer SIM and like it to be there.

See here the great hunt gift, a spooky prop with 9 poses:

Daniela Finchy: I havent sell anything never.  Allways just give it free. I myself put prize to 0L everyone can made the prize how much is that worth :) To me its enough that person like it. Thats all in matters!

How to start the hunt:

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