Thursday, October 11, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Sanctuaire

Look at this awesome post at the Fabfree blog and see some of the great gifts.

Praying Mary is our most successful hunt ever and we apologize for some issues with the crosses to find. The scripts needed to be expanded for more players at the same time. The script is renewed now and we change the crosses as soon as the shop owners are online- We apologize for any inconvenience and ask you to come back later in case you cannot catch the cross. Follow our inworld group for help.

And now to more hunt prizes: Today we talk to Scout Danger (Scout Eberhardt) , owner of Sanctuaire:

Scout Danger: I try to create builds and sundries that make me smile.  Sanctuaire's main focus is on the smaller build but a smaller build with details. There is nothing that I love more than trim and other little fixtures that make you go - ooh.  Oh, and low prim.   Everything I create has mesh in it.  Cause I personally love mesh.  All of the textures that I use are custom to the build.  I also create furniture and little things.

 And see here the great prize for the hunters:

Scout Danger: Well, I built a house.  It isn't my normal look but it is still my style.  I personally don't think that a haunted house needs to have blood spread all over.  Sometimes a forgotten house is creepier than gore.  My build has working windows, locking doors, hinges, door knobs,   Over all the house is just really dirty and in need of a very good scrubbing.  Oh and it has a secret compartment with Mary's Diary.

How to start the hunt:

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