Saturday, October 6, 2012

Primtionary is gone - Come and do the Praying Mary Hunt

So many is going on at Madpea that we had to make some decisions.  Our monthly hunts are so very well well attended and more projects are ahead which keeps us very busy. So sadly we have to announce that Primtionary is cancelled.  We know that some might be disappointed but is still one of the most successful games in Second Life that you should find another gaming location.  Contact our hosts to get a landmark in case you don't know any.

Our current hunt Praying Mary" got already much players. See here some photos of the opening party, taken by Yuna Khaos.

How to start the hunt:


  1. Hey peas!

    I did finnish the hunt (with one head missing) and oh boy, there are some awesome prizes to win if you do this hunt!!

    The story is like a horror scene, the places you visit during this hunt are awesome, the folks you meet are insanely friendly.

    Thanks for the hunt Madpeas, even I got stabbed in the back along the way....

    1. Oh no oddy! Not the backstabbing again! :D Glad to hear you enjoyed it!
      - Evil Mother Pea