Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cerridwen's Cauldron - Vendor Interview

Cerridwen's Cauldron

Thank you for participating in "Love Potion No. 9.9". 

 Elicio Ember

So what brought you to Second Life and how did your store came into existence? Anything else you would like the Peas and readers to know about you?

 I came into SL with the explicit purpose of building. I always loved sandbox styled games, like The Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Also, I am a RL Fantasy painter. So when I found out what SL was about I was immediately drawn in. I  spent my first year or so learning to build, script and sculpt. And so it went. I have a deep love for nature and fantasy, so it was easy for me to drift into creating fantasy landscapes, though at first I had a very small parcel inland. Also, I have a bachelor's degree in Oceanography and a deep love for all things nature and art, so I try to add these to my builds. Thus, plant sets for example, are often based on a real life plant, or on principles that do exist in our world. A bit like "What if things had gone a little different".

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products?

 Cerridwen's Cauldron is a fantasy SL brand that specializes in fantasy flora and architecture. There are several things that have made SL sets characteristics: I offer copy/mod; there are many quality sets out there, but many are either copy OR mod. Few allow the buyer copy/mod options. Also, many of the plant sets are scripted with an ample variation of customization options and many too have some degree of interactivity, like flowers that follow you around, man eating plants, mushroom tree's with tendrils that try to reach for you, and so on.

What is the prize that you made for the Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt?

The Bat Paradise Orchid. Its a tall single stalked flowering plant, with a bulbous base and a glowing, brightly hued flower with falling tendrils or whiskers. This exotic fantasy plant with waving whiskers is based on the Bat Flower, a real life rare flower that grows on Malaysia. Its not an orchid in real life, more closely related to the yam. But Paradise Bat Orchid sounds much better than Paradise Bat Yam no?

What do you think of the hunt and the story involved with the hunt?

I think its great! Its my first time involved in an Madpea Hunt and it will not be my last for sure. I had been looking for fun and quality way to increase traffic to my sim and exposure to my brand. And I have completely been blown away by the results. I could not believe how much the traffic increased as soon as the hunt started. And the story and quality of the hunt organization is top notch. The time involved in creating an unique gift for the hunt is completely well invested.

Have you yourself been able to start or maybe have completed the hunt?

If you have completed or started the hunt, what was your thoughts on the experience?

No, to be honest no. Not for lack of curiosity though, just because of lack of time. Like most full time content creators, most of my time is spend building and administrating my brand. Thus I do not  have much time to do the hunt. Something I  regret though, since the gifts are awesome.

Have you had a favorite experience with the hunt or hunt member(s)? (The Peas)

The whole setup was a lot of fun. I create little snippets of lore for each of my sets; I am an apprentice to an old alchemist and sage named Sharian the Old, so reading this hunt would be about an alchemist hunting for ingredients fell right into my style. I enjoyed thinking of an exotic plant and creating a small hidden location for where the ingredient that was hidden in my island would be.

What is your favorite thing about being involved in the hunt?

Seeing people enjoy it. Not only the gifts themselves, but the hunt too. Its a great little story.

What would you like to say to the Peas that have or have not done the hunt?

Do it! The prizes are great, the organization is top notch, and MadPea makes sure that the gifts and locations involved are top quality, so you are missing great sights, fun and gifts if you do not do it.

Have you noticed increased traffic or increase in sale of your products during this hunt? Or what are the benefits for being a part of this hunt for you?

Yes, as I mentioned before I was completely blown away by the floods of people that have come into the sim, specially during the first days. And though some of the hunters are old customers and friends, I have also found out that many of them did not know my brand or sim and were very happy to find out about it. So its really great.
Thank you for your time.

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea PR

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