Thursday, April 11, 2013

MadPeas Machinima - Lost in the Devil's Cave

MadPeas Machinima
Lost in the Devil's Cave

Welcome Pea!

This is a MadPea Machinima Contest! So get your cameras to the ready your imagination on full drive and your editing skills to the max, because there is some major loot to those who manage to get their video in the top three!

Theme: Lost in the Devil's Cave

Intro: You are finally on a well deserved holiday! After saving up for what feels like a decade, you have boarded El Guisante Loco to take a lovely cruise on the famous Amazon River. Your personal guide, El Capitan has assured you that the ship is safe and nothing could possibly go wrong. All relaxed you're on the deck enjoying a cold glass of strawberry daiquiri, feeling the fresh warm wind in your hair and then all of a sudden there's a huge crash. Oh no! The ship is sinking! There are no safety vests around either. You panic and have no time to do anything else but to quickly down your drink and hope for the best! Then it all goes black.

You wake up with strange sounds surrounding you. The air is warm and moist and you're confused. You can feel hard ground under your bare feet. Very carefully you open your eyes and see that you are inside a cave, full of luscious vegetation. You are full of questions.. What happened? How did you end up there.. and even more importantly, how do you get out?

The Rules:

Video MUST be done and created on Hoshi Island in the Caves. 

Create an adventure, tell us a story of being lost in the Devil's Cave. We would like to see a story with an ending.. do you get out or what happens to you? Use your imagination and creativity and surprise us with your film!

Max length 5:00 minutes, minimum 1:00 minutes

The entries are judged by creativity, editing and overall presentation. 

April 11th - May 11th (NO ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AFTER MAY 11th)

1st Prize - 12,000 Lindens
2nd Prize - 5,000 Lindens
3rd Prize - 3,000 Lindens

So the object is to make a creative and awesome video telling the story from the point you find yourself in the cave. So get to it and make the people go wow, because the judging is by your peers AND the MadPeas Staff! Enjoy and have fun! 



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