Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Room 326 Vendor Interview: Death Row Designs

Death Row Designs

Jaimy Hancroft

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products?

I started making stuff the first week I popped in SL, I couldn't find anything I wanted back  in the day and since I had some Photoshop experience I decided to make it myself , and sometimes selling some items that people asked about, from there on I made my first lindens to rent a small stall, and then more stalls.. after a while I had enough for a parcel, and eventually it grew till I got a full sim :) very slowly it became what DRD is today. I changed it  a lot overtime but recently it went trough a complete transformation to become a bit more mainstream, but! no worries for all you weirdos out there :p I have plans on making more unique mesh accessories, the gory bloody goodness you guys love from DRD in a different section of death row I don't want to let the peoples down :) the shop has a lot of mesh clothing now all created by DRD...oh. and the old items are all on give away in lucky chairs on the sim! :)

What is the prize that you made for Room 326?

I did a version of some pair of boots I made a while ago, these are
the most popular items in store right now, and I thought it would be cool to make a gory bloody looking version for this japanese horror themed madpea hunt :) they are rigged mesh combat boots, for both male and female, it includes a non rigged version aswell.

Have you visited Mad City? If so, what is your favorite thing about Mad City?

I visited yes, I'm obsessed with the rain lol I WANTS IT .. looks pretty badass :p

What is your favorite thing about being involved in the hunt? 
Are you planning on doing the hunt yourself?

 Oh I just love Madpea, I think I have been doing madpea hunt since forever lol .. plus its hard to turn down Kiana when she  makes a puppysadface XD

What would you like to say to the Peas looking to start this MadPea Hunt?

I'll just say this, if you do; do the hunt ......
you ain't seen nothing yet ... *evil grin*

 Thank you for your time and the interview!

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea PR

Now if you have not gone and done The Return of Room 326 Hunt, you have no reason at all not to! The story and experience is enough to just have you become one of the 50's again and travel into the past. But now you see now even the vendors that have chosen to 
be part of this experience are as amazing as the game it self!

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