Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Stories: Part X

We received a lot of stories for our Halloween Hunt Writing Contest, and from September 16th we're publishing one each day until October 6th - when the Winner's story opens as a hunt!

Read them all and stay curious.. whose story got turned into the hunt?

The stories released are unedited and pasted as submitted to us.
- Kiana -

Today's story is by Mathiaswolf

Been working at a restaurant for three years and I would have to say that I have seen almost everything. It was about 12 p.m., the lunch rush had just begun and I was serving customers (I am a grill cook at a buffet). Every now and then there were moments where the customers would go to the other food stations and not bother the grill station. So I took the opportunity to head off into the employee bathroom, which is a single persons bathroom and was located in the back kitchen. I normally go to the bathroom to relax and be on the phone for a bit. In other words, I go there to escape for about 5 minutes at the most. But who doesn't do that?

I washed my hands, opened the bathroom door and was ready to head back to my station. As soon as I swung the door open, I saw that the restaurant was very dark. To the left, facing out of the bathroom is a hallway which has the walk-in freezer, an adjacent hallway for the mop and chemical storage area, the boiler room and the back door exit. The walk in freezer was open all the way and leaning backwards, still being held up by the bottom hinge. To the right, has the wine room, two ice machine in front to the room, a dish washing station and an archway that leads to the prep area.

There was light, but very little and only enough to distinguish shapes of the objects around me and to see very little detail of those objects. With what little that I could see, the walls and all equipment looked worn down, corroded, and oxidized as if time was the only thing that has touched this place. The tiles on the floor were grimey cracked and broken. Like someone took a steel mallet or a sledghammer and started smashing the tiles at random areas of the floor. Some areas even have craters . Cobwebs on the ice machines were formed already before I even stepped out of the bathroom. The emergency and exit light fixtures in the back kitchen near the bathroom were either ripped out from their electrical boxes or still dangling by the electrical wire, faintly flickering.

Proceeding to the next area was the food prep station. The deep prep sinks, to the left, were filled with mold. The walk-in cooler has a huge hole in the door from the rotting. And the three compartment sinks collapsed on itself. The office was crumbled by a sinkhole. The next area was the line cook (wok) and frying station area. Though there was a little more light at this area than the prep and back kitchen area. The wok area kinda looked the same but still rusting and worn down. Except that the frying station looked like something was going to crawl right out of the fry vat.

Finally, I walked into the dining area of the restaurant and made my way to the grill station. This area was pretty well lit. The setup is an "L" shaped counter for hot entre's, grilled food, raw bar and sushi. In front of the "L" is a seperate ovular structure for the fruits and salads. The actual grill was missing and saw that there was a toilet in its place with a grill in the tank and fired up coals in the bowl. It was actually cooking food (Hheh. The health department would have a field trip on this and throw a joke or two about how would they like their shit-steak cooked). Unfortunately, everyone who worked at my job and or came to my job to eat died a horrible death. Looking outside of the restaurant was nothing but pitch black. Cannot even see beyond the glass.

Next to the toilet grill was my chef manager (god I hate him). His lifeless corpse is on the floor in a sitting position, decapitated and dismemberment of the limbs. His head, with his lower jaw ripped out, was sitting in between his lap which his legs were torn off. he is also armless and his chest ripped wide open. His entrails were hung up like streamers as the organs are still coming out of his body.

Next to my manager is a co-worker, David. He was pinned to the counter skinned alive and had hooks coming out of "The Lament" box that latched on to his body. One in his forehead, another in his left eye socket, through his right arm, ribs, neck legs and chest. The hooks were attached to chains that were strung through several pulleys.

By the salad station was another co-worker, Robert. He was hung upside down by the end of his exposed femur. his other leg was taken off and so was one arm. His stomach was exposed as well, and bloated by having it filled with ten gallons of the strongest mix of liquor anyone could ever imagine and finished off with absinthe. His esophagus was a siphon hose. His mouth was the nozzle. And to refill his stomach was through the back door. He was used as a party keg. The last co-worker I saw was Glenn who was mounted over an open fire, spinning around rotisserie style while singing "The wheels on the bus".

Lastly, there was the hostess, Erin. She would bring people in who made reservations. The only way that she could mark off the guests who arrived was to rip out a piece of her body. Bone, flesh and all.

Standing around looking at what the place had become, I heard a shout from someone who was calling me. Turning around to the direction, immediately I knew who the person is even though we never met physically. She happened to be someone that I am friends with in Second Life, Kiora Eismann. I asked her what is going on and she said that the band Cradle Of Filth came to this place and told the owner that they are going to be performing here. The owner refused and told them to leave. The lead singer then thrusted his hand into the owners chest pulling out his heart, reciting an encantation and created an interdimensional rift that made this world as I currently see it.

Everyone who was around during the transition did not survive at all. And if anyone did, they would have been torn to bits by the creatures that came with the change. I smiled and asked her how did the both of us survive. She explained that because I was in the bathroom I was spared some how. As for her she just walked right in. Plus, kiora was also the one who arranged the unscheduled concert.

The band started playing several songs. Kiora and I were dancing and having a good time. When the concert ended, everything went back to normal. Just before she left with the band, Kiora gave me a "good bye" hug, smiled and said "Until next time".


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