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Halloween Stories: Part XVI

We received a lot of stories for our Halloween Hunt Writing Contest, and from September 16th we're publishing one each day until October 6th - when the Winner's story opens as a hunt!

Read them all and stay curious.. whose story got turned into the hunt?

The stories released are unedited and pasted as submitted to us.
- Kiana -

Today's story is by Kalanite Bluestar

"But when the planets 
In evil mixture to disorder wander, 
What plagues and what portents, what mutiny, 
What raging of the sea, shaking of earth, 
Commotion in the winds! Frights, changes, horrors, 
Divert and crack, rend and deracinate, 
The unity and married calm of states 
Quite from their fixture!"
(from The History of Troilus and Cressida, Act I, Scene 3) (Shakespeare)

Welcome to Death Row Island. This foreboding place has a dark and blood stained history.

Death Row Island was built as a max slam on this deserted, deforested, crow infested hunk of rock.

For those uninitiated, a Interpol Consortium built Death Row Island as a maximum security prison for the housing of intergovernmental criminals. Famed as the twenty second century Alcatraz, the island's purpose was to isolate criminals, making it impossible for them to escape back into society. Politically, Death Row Island opened so as to close Guantanamo Bay and create a place to study the most sinister in society. Criminals so heinous, no country would claim them - transgressors so foul who would. On Death Row Island they rotted like lab rats and awaited death.

The island is perfectly isolated at 400 nautical miles from any dry land. There is only one way onto the desolate rock and no way off. With no deep dock, only the occasional freighters would pass close enough to the craggy shore and off load supplies, crew, support staff and prisoners. Without an ocean class freighter or permission to board one …there is no escape from Death Row Island.

Despite its isolation, the prison island had a thriving support village called Death Row City until one fateful moment. On All Hallows Eve, October 31 at 2:49 PM, during a low tide, life on Death Row Island was never the same. An earth quake changed it all. The quake registered 6.8 on the Richter scale a scant 150 miles from the coastline. The earthquake itself collapsed the train tunnel and caused massive structural damage but worse than the quake, the shift upwards of the earth produced a localized tsunami.

Most think a tsunami will create a huge wave washing every thing out to sea all at once but that is not what happens ; the large waves hit much later.

In the beginning of a tsunami water is displaced. Water is sucked from every natural feature, pulled from wells, rivers, and creeks. Than with a pulse the earths blood - the water - just rises…very slowly and it is hardly noticeable. Any water feature, like the creek in the middle of the city, began to raise and slowly spill over its banks.

The onlookers were memorized by the rising sea water. Water is displaced in places it does not belong. The streets once dry fill with water at first a trickle than the brackish water cascades over everything just a bit faster than the moment before. Rivers form. The manhole covers move upwards, water spills from every pipe, plumbing, sink and toilet. There is no escaping the water rise and the water never recedes. The hydrologic force, not very detectable, follows gravity and pushes everything in that direction; cars, buildings, furniture, animals, people, and anything not secured. The flotsam slowly washes away following the course of the ever rising water. When the larger ripple waves hit they washed Death Row Island City off the map in a syncopated rhythm. A pulse of water, breathing death. Flushing all detritus out to sea.

Those who could climb the steep steps to the prison did… forgetting the only thing holding the prisoners behind the bars were the electric locks. City residents were let in and kept in the visitor and criminal processing area. The guards all watching the rising tide did not manually lock various gates and prison cages.

The lights went out.

The horror which ensued after the water castrated the electric power is why we are here today. Those unleashed from their cages went on a bloody rampage. Soon bloated bodies of the dead stank and filled the prison air with their stench feeding the blood lust. Each inmate killed untold in their specialized method of barbarism.

When the tide receded, the prison remained on the top most paramount and most of the reinforced concrete outlying buildings on the land below. With communication down a NATO task force retook the island but found not one living soul. The stench of death permeates the island.

Your task is to help a team of criminal psychologists recreate the slew of crimes which ensued.

Innocent City Dwellers

Plague Doctor
Shop Clerk
Mad Woman
War Vet
Telephone Line Man
Clock Repair Man
Zombie lover
Goth Teen
Railroad Break Man
Morgue Technician
Hazmat Tech
Prison Warden
Prison Guard

Guilty Prison Inmates

Stranger ;weapon of choice = garrote
Cannibal; trophy bones = toes
Harpist; Rapist of women; trophy= hair which is added to killers harp
Piker; weapon of choice = pike
Baker; weapon of choice = knife; dismember and burn remains
Cult leader; weapon of choice = LSD with platypus venom
Proclaimed vampire; trophy = warm blood; known to self administer intravenously
Pre Baby Killer; pregnant women; weapon of choice AK47 ;drive by
Butcher; weapon of choice =fillet knife; trophy=ears
Torturer; weapon of choice = cage; pension for burns and starving
Electrocution Killer; special caution note=can rig any thing to use to electrocute
Sulphuric Acid Killer; weapon of choice = morning star; disposal = acids
BTRK Killer = bind, torture, rape kill; weapon of choice = guns, tape, handcuffs, rope
Necrophilia Killer; weapon of choice = scarf
Axe man Killer; weapon of choice = hewing axe; victims all male
French Ripper; disembowel and sodomize teens; weapon of choice = knife sharp crow bar
Soap maker; targeted middle aged women, weapon of choice=poisons
Lonely Heart Killer; weapon of choice = guns; online and newspaper ads
Hangman; weapon of choice = rope; artistic knot fetish, public display of victims
Earwig Killer; weapon of choice = ice pick, use of any orifice to penetrate
Bowler; Rapist of young boys; trophy= testicles
Tinsmith; weapon of choice=pinking shears, pickled landladies in tin drums on his property
Pol Pot the 2nd- aka the farmer; weapon of choice=rifle; hundreds of mass graves found in plot rows

Store Names

DRD = Death Row Design
Mesh ES
Onyx Ware
ZouZu Hair
Blow up
Michagan's Shack
P3 = Perfect Planning Productions
Redrum Sale House
.Holly Weird.
DRBC = Deathrocker Bettie Crocker
[Mystic Canvas]
Wasteland Clothing
Rotten Apple
FK! Designs
[Void] [Moshpit]

Places of Interest or for objects

Long steps down from DRD
Wall broken walled in area
Guard Tower with binoculars
Hobo fire w seating by lighthouse
Light house keepers house with play rug, gull poop
Light house - can not enter
Docks with sunken boat
Crate outside fall out shelter house with asteroids game - can not enter house
Electric chair drop zone area
Winged reaper stature fountain
Creek running through small store village
Abandoned farm house -1st floor two rooms pot, 2nd floor 2 beds pushed together, porch, another room, 3rd empty attic
Water tower w working steps to porch railing with graffiti
Studio 6A hanger, porn set up w camera, lights, directors chair, bed pose balls, table w pizza, locker
Long steps up to Redrum
Redrum has water mud pond, wolfs n deer, punching bag, creepy basement with mushroom head dead guy, two skeletons in case, skeleton on walls which have macabre art
Cathedral ruin
Redrum Sale House - wrap around porch
Light poles
Two bridges over creek - one by clock tower other by [Asylum]
Clock tower - gear clock and astrological clock
Rock path to train tunnel
Blocked train tunnel w steps to caged porch on top
Train tracks with oil tanker, over turned train car
Hazardous chemical tank
Another walled in area - hard but not impossible to get into have to climb hill
Goth Church = FK! Design store
Graveyard - 2 mausoleums at gate, 16 graves
Empty house with wrap around porch
Stone path up the hill
Hanging trees with skeletons and chairs
Umbrella tree with telescope
Chair pile with phonograph
Old couches, music box, piano, old car
Up the stone path to the carnival
Three walled open air store on back side of DRD
DRD Store basement steps
Dept of Corrections Ward D pose stand
Desk with lie detector, passports, overhead projector, 2 chairs, shelf, payphone
File cabinets, boxes, old tv, crates, speaker system, pamphlets on floor
Morgue - two covered bodies, refrigerator w two open cases one with body, struggle on autopsy table , cabinets that open, dead on autopsy table, operation table, two bloody sinks (saw, water), refrigerator with two open areas and two bodies -one covered and one not -de-boweled
Right hall - one cell empty and one padded cell with bed
Left hall-cell not empty hoodie dude, empty cell with toilet -water-bed w sits, empty toilet blanket bed
Broken wheel chair and crutches in hall
Hospital Ward area, three ward beds one with sink, one with light, all with bloody pull curtains, shower with grate dirty tile, two gurneys one overturned, medical chart, five medical cabinets, broken crutches

I love how you went into such details!
- Kiana

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