Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What the #$%@& is up with this #$%@& Bunny?!

Clear your calendars for the first two weeks of August. Seriously. Do it now as you're going to need the whole time from August 1-15 to complete the Bleeping Bunny 2 hunt.

Known for being an awesome hunt - MadPea wouldn't be a part of it otherwise! - the Bleeping Bunny 2 hunt will surely make you want to let out a stream of expletives. It's a grid-wide hunt that is full of riddles, decoys, and amazing prizes from some #$%@& amazing vendors.

MadPea's hunt prize is a shoulder bunny that has quite the bad attitude, no sense of self-censorship, and is more than a touch of a sarcastic prankster. Just a warning: be prepared to defend yourself when you decide to let this #$%@& bunny keep you company.

MadPea is sponsoring this bedeviled event. This means there will be a mini-hunt to confound you even more! If you can decipher the notoriously tricky MadPea teasers, then you will get a Fucking Mad Bunny t-shirt and a pair of Pea green bunny slippers!

The hunt starts on August 1 at Grumble 2. You can see a list of all of the hunt participants and sponsors (and get some hints if you're unable to do the hunt without somebody holding your hand) at the Evil Bunny Hunts blog. The MadPea mini-hunt will be at The Green Mire. Think you have what it takes to master the  #$%@& bunny? Prove it.

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