Friday, February 13, 2015

A Little Light At The End Of The Hunt?

Etrone (right) and Jayci (left) enjoy a quiet moment
at the secret garden at their home.
[Photo by RaffiGirl Koffenbaum]
Gather 'round all you Peas, I have a little Valentine fairy tale to tell.

Once upon a time, at a grisly murder scene in a bathroom, a prince and a princess fell in love ... Neither expected to find the love of their lives there, but there they were.

 All kidding aside, this is how one Second Life couple first met, fell in love, and found a beautiful partnership that now extends into their real life.

In the middle of a murder mystery adventure might not be where you expect to find romance, but that's just what happened to Jayci and Etrone during MadPea Productions' Blood Letters adventure game.

"To be honest, meeting somebody was the last thing on my mind," Jayci admitted.
"And on mine as well," agreed Etrone.

Both were at the Animated Living/Blue Balls store, looking for a piece of the game's puzzle, when they encountered each other.

Being on the shy side of things, Jayci admits that hadn't Etrone spoken to her first, they most likely would never have met.

The couple observed that, during hunts, even on a sim full of fellow hunters, it is unfortunate that
Jayci (right) and Etrone (left) during their wedding ceremony.
[Photo by Saga-Deckard] 
more people don't just stop to talk to each other.

"I love the hunts," said Jayci. "But I think it's kinda sad people on the same sim don't help each other enough. ... I was really lucky Etrone spoke to me ... because I would have let him walk right on by."

This first tentative meeting quickly grew into a friendship as the hunt went on. Over the course of what remained of the hunt, Jayci and Etrone kept in touch, and did a lot of the game together. 

"I remember finishing the final step we had and being like 'oh no'," said Jayci. "At that point I was aware [that] I liked him and wanted to spend more time hanging out."

Even their first kiss tied in with aspects of the Blood Letters game. It was while they were sitting and talking about going out to track down some of the fortune cookies that were a sidepiece to the game, that it happened.

"But we were both too comfortable to move," said Jayci. "I said something like 'You could just give them [the fortunes] to me,' because they were copy and transferable."

Etrone apparently liked that idea, saying that it would save time, and took advantage of that extra time to sneak in a romantic kiss.

"And we've been kissing ever since," added Etrone.

As with many couples in SL, the virtual game helps bridge a physical distance that would otherwise be difficult to overcome. Etrone lives in the United States and Jayci lives in the United Kingdom. While Second Life and Blood Letters gave them their meeting place, the couple also takes advantage of apps like Kik and  Lumayia to help them keep in touch outside of the game.
In SL, the couple has recently become partnered, and accordingly had a lovely wedding ceremony. They now own a home that includes a secret garden, as requested by Jayci and therefore built by Etrone.

While some might imagine that the time difference might be difficult to overcome, it all happens to work out for Jayci and Etrone.

Jayci (right) and Etrone (left).
[Photo by Saga-Deckard]
"I have a pretty regular 9 to 5 job," explained Jayci. "But Etrone has an odd shift rota."

"And my schedule can be erratic but I often have my afternoons off," Etrone continued.

Another twist of fate signaling that they are meant to be? Perhaps.

Nowadays, Jayci and Etrone are quietly enjoying their new lives as a couple at their lovely home, where they also had their small, intimate wedding ceremony. Etrone spends his time tweaking the landscaping, while Jayci is organizing a book club. (Which, if anyone is interested in joining, they are welcome to send her an IM! I know I'm planning to join!) 

An early Valentine's gift? Early access to the Buried hunt that Etrone won through the auction held by MadPea, which he then gave to Jayci. Their other plans for the romantic holiday remain *ahem* private.

As the couple enjoys their quiet times ahead of them, they do have some thoughts for any lonely hearts out there as they go through Buried and future


"Don't be afraid to say hello," said Jayci emphatically. "I was really lucky Etrone spoke to me."

"Be open to possibilities," added Etrone. "Needless to say, I feel like the luckiest hunter alive."


  1. Congratulations Jayci, and Etrone! Chaz and I are so happy for you both, What a thrill it was our stores stop on the hunt that helped set this in motion. We have been told many times people fall in love on our mats, this is a first it was in the bathroom LOL Congrats again!