Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sanity Falls Bridge

We met Midgard in Hoshi, he had not long completed a beautiful prim/sculpted iron bridge and now he was working on another project for Sanity Falls. So how did Midgard become involved with designing and creating object in second life and how did he become involved in madpea game productions.

 Midgard told us he was fairly new to the MadPea Game production team but no less valued by everyone, he is new to the building game with prims. His experience comes from programs such as 3DS Max, Wings 3D,  Daz Studio and Bryce. State of the art drawing programs that encourage the builder to formulate and reproduce designs, using vertices and rigging to create object that are then textured and rendered. Very similar to building with prims in second life, but these programs allow you to store the UV maps and Obj files on your computer for reuse, and resell. Thats probably why Midgards natural progression in this design game is like many others, heading towards the use and concept of mesh in second life builds. Mesh is the latest "tool" for builders that has been introduced to second life is it the best thing since "sliced bread" well it eats prims thats one thing people don't realise about it. Although we are as interested in mesh as the next builder we are more curious about Sanity Falls Bridge and of course its creator Midgard.

"It looks like real iron," we suggested, he laughed because we both know its not real iron but when you look at the work he has applied to this bridge you can almost believe it is really iron. Its been beautiful textured and rendered and really is a state of the art masterpiece in Second Life.
We wanted to know where Midgard's idea for such a state of the art bridge came from. He grinned and showed us the original real life picture of a bridge one of the team of writers, behind Sanity Falls had given him.

Yes we can see how Midgard creation resembled the real life iron bridge, it is a sight to behold and we cannot wait for players/victims to see it for themselves. Every detail has been lovingly created, sculpted we imagine and textured. Just look at the intricate workings of the bridge. Deliberately muted to protect Midgards design rights.

This beautiful bridge is very significant to the story that is Sanity Falls, so how did Midgard create that iron work. He mentioned an old tool that help to align prims making the textures as seamless as possible. We admitted to having an affinity in real life to anything that looked like a bridge, be it a wooden whicker bridge over a stream or our fantastic Silver Jubilee Bridge that stretches across the River Mersey near our home. Bridges are something to be admired, Midgard agreed that he had a collection of real life Bridges. So having this beautiful masterpiece of prim engineering right here in our favourite sim, was a joy for both of us.

So what is the significance of this iron "monster" your probably wondering. Well it is very significant to the story that the writers have weaved for the game Sanity Falls and it is only game right? and its safe. Yet to play the game you must suspend belief to live out that story with the character, and why not suspend belief to live or die in a game, that we desperately want to finish, to beat, to end, to WIN at all costs.

We play games to win, we hunt to win, spin the concepts of hunting into a game and you have an idea what Sanity falls was built upon. We can't tell you much about the actual story behind the game Sanity Falls, its all a mystery even to us. We are just going to have to wait like our dear readers to find out what is so special, so frightening about Sanity Falls. We do know that this iron masterpiece is very significant to the story.
Where does it all start? perhaps it starts right here on a bridge in the middle of a wilderness, surrounded by trees and mystery, and water. Are YOU out of your depth, can YOU get across the bridge without ending up back where you started. Are YOU? game for Sanity Falls. What is Sanity Falls, its a game and you will be calling its name for months to come. "Remember Peatonville?" they'll say and your look on in sadness or happiness and say "I tried Sanity Falls" so compelling you try again and again, but will you WIN that is the question.

Are you Ready for Sanity Falls?

 By Rowanessque Whitewood.

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