Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun for a Single Player: Escape Room

There are days where you come online, and no friend is around. What to do? MadPea offers also single-players fun and amusement. A great example is the Escape Room near the bingo game. Inconspicuous from the outside, it reveals inside its full beauty! * hehe *
Seventies design at its finest: Wallpaper with huge eyes, lava lamp, Kiss poster, record player ... everything there! But once if you're in, you will notice that you cannot get out there. Now the game starts! On top of the computer you get on click a HUD.
Wear it and start to collect objects. In the chat you'll get hints how use the objects once you pick them up. Click in the objects in the HUD to make use of them. With a little patience, it is not that difficult to get out. Escape Room offers a single player real fun. It took me about 40 minutes; experienced players will succeed faster.

Taxi to Escape Room:

by Quan Lavender


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