Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sanity Falls Prizes - Carrie's Lingerie

Today we talk to Masika Moonwing, manager of Carrie's Lingerie, owned by Carrie Bridger :

MadPea: Thank you for participating the Sanity Falls hunt. Madpea is looking forward to a great event that all SL will talk about. Tell our readers about your work and your products.

Masika Moonwing: Women's lingerie at Carrie's ranges from sexy retro pin up girl with the Abbi to naughty  school girl with the Zoe and everything in between. Silk, lace, leather, satin and velvet hug and skim your curves in a dazzling selection of corsets, bra and panty sets, garter belts and stockings, teddies, babydolls, mini dresses and multifunctional ensembles that take you from day to night to the next morning. Every month Carrie redesigns an outfit in special colors or patterns or even added pieces to bring you Limited Editions that are sold for one month only, never to be sold again. These Limited Editions are stunning and not to be missed.

The men's department is expanding and holds a collection of solid and print boxers, solid men's briefs and a tartans collection to compliment the women's tartans essentials line. The most recent release was the Fade boxers set that perfectly matches the Carrie ensemble.

MadPea: And what is your prize for the hunters?

Masika Moonwing: Kitty in Rose with matching boxers for the men.  They are ment to showcase the life of the couple before Sanity Falls. Kitty is a Body skimming corset and panty with white lace trim and stockings.

MadPea: Finally, which 2nd prize is waiting for the hunters at the end?

Masika Moonwing: Blue Camo features a versitile scant bra and panty that could easily be used as a bikini with a sheer overshirt.  Matching boxers are included for the men.

MadPea: Thank you for the short interview.

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  1. Carrie Bridger is the owner and creator for Carrie's Lingerie. I just work for her :)

  2. I corrected, Masika. Apologies to Carrie and you for the confusion :)