Monday, May 21, 2012


Helloooo Peas!

It's time to go insane with your cameras!  Why now?... Because it's time for an IN-sanity photo contest!!!

► WHEN: The contest starts May 16th and ends May 31st at midnight slt. Photo must be taken in the amazing game sim called  Sanity Falls By MadPea Find or create the setting that describes best your inner IN-sanity.

► PRIZES, ENTRY FEE & VOTING: There will be a 25L entry fee and a 1L vote fee all voting money will go towards the prize lindens. 2,500 total in prizes to start. There will be a split between the first 3 people that get the most votes. The prizemoney goes up with the lindens that come in from votes.

► HOW TO:  To enter, join by paying the required join fee to an empty photo board.
Find Your IN-sanity Photo Contest Entry and Voting
The photo board will try to load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release the left mouse button.
The picture/texture has to be FULLPERM (also for next owner - see bottom of properties page)due to technical reasons.

-  If done properly the picture will be displayed and the photo board changes to voting mode.

► RULES: Photo must be taken in Sanity Falls other than that you are free to do as you please (within the rules of course)
1. NO nudity or anything porn related, we have dignity!
2. No photos taken before the opening date are allowed.
3. You may use photoshop or other photo editing programs in your photos but please try to keep it as close ot the original picture as possible.
4. You maintain the rights to your photos, however we may use the photos after the contest for publicity purposes.
5. All current or past employees of MadPea Productions may not enter the contest.
6. ONLY one photo per person can be entered in contest.

Go insane and find your inner IN-sanity!

MadPea Crew
- contest hosts Yuna Khaos & Nomica Juliesse

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