Sunday, June 24, 2012

6 Days Left of Sanity Falls

׺°”˜`”°º×20 Reasons to play Sanity Falls before it ends׺°”˜`”°º×

1. NyanX3 Resident: 'Wow i love this hunt. So different so fun... The sim design was amazeing and the items that were added as gifts... WOW do another one :D

2.  Herrick Lane: 'This is really awesome! I love finding stuff like this in SL! Great job!'

3.  Pixels Sideways: 'I blame all my future nightmares on the creators....  '

4.   Xiola Linden: 'spooky. love it!'

5.   Trinity Vuissent: 'Breathtaking - I am hooked. '

6.  Jalina Haven: 'Such a beautiful visit. I especially love the..DEAR GODS WHAT WAS THAT?! *the rest of the page is coverd in blood*'

7. Melina Genesis: 'This is amazing I wish I had known about your other hunts.  I love this game!'

8.  Walker McCullough: 'Well done you creative, evil bastards!

9. Finneli Felwitch: 'Has some dinner at the tavern, think I am being followed.'

10. Starlight Silverspar: ' you babe - i'' find you!'

11. Starr Jetaime: 'this was a great mystery. very difficult at the end but worth it.

12. justum Resident: 'Thank you so very much for the wonderful game. I hope to see a lot of games from you in the future. It's surprising every time. One comment...please let us be able to tip more!'

13.  Graydirk Enoch: 'Amazing Hunt!  Y'all make the most challenging and puzzling events in SL.  Keep up the great work!'

14. Accord Carling: 'WHERE IS SHE?  I AM DESPERATE'

15.  Bryn Oh: 'I solved it!  It was the butterfly.'

16.  Tristan Tchailenov: 'Where is she. find her, find her, find her, find her, find her, find her , find her, find her, find her, find her.'

17. Anquette Ansari: 'tried to stop her from being kidnapped..omgos so sorry alex..(lol)
great game

18. Cloud Teardrop: 'Thank you for an excellent adventure and to those that shared it. MadPea. Well done!!'

19.   Alia Baroque: 'Looking for wives to torture on spare time, call 22377721, weekends.'

20. There are over 400 more comments like these.. convinced yet? No? Watch THIS. Still not sure? Hmm... don't make me come and grab you by your ankles..  The sim will be gone in a week, so.. Hurry! Save Livea before it's too late..

Remember that help available in group chat at all times, so even an inexperienced player will be able to complete the game.

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