Saturday, August 18, 2012

Show and Tell is Exciting Each Sunday

1st place last week was Sea Mizin's virus
And another week passed building fans are looking forward to seing the next Show and Tell presentation today at 12 PM SLT:

by Takni Miklos

All varietes of works are highly welcome. Come and join Show and Tell, the place where all creative minds in SL come together. You can either choose to present your latest creation or sit in the audience to meet with others and see what new stuff is out there.

by Firlefanz Roxley
There will be L$ prizes split among all presenters, the pot will begin at L$1,000, but audience members are encouraged to toss more into the pot and usually gets pretty big. All kind of builders are invited to present! The great variety is the fun part of Show and Tell.
See you at 12 PM SLT!

by Addy Sworthain

All photos taken by Harter Fall.

Come to Show and Tell @ 12 PM SLT!


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