Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 more days till Carneval release!

While we are anxiously waiting for the opening, here's a few words from our betatester Krista Darbyshire:

" I was a little disoriented at first, feeling a bit unsettled by the surroundings, but after a minute of exploring the immediate area in I felt more comfortable and was able to navigate my way up the stairs. Haha, only to realize I was walking into a skull full of teeth. It was a little dark, difficult to see where I was going. Made me squint as I walked through the darkened cavern/tunnel and the, boom, light and a village that looks like it belongs in a Lovecraft novel.." 

Carneval teaser image by cold Frog

"The whole place has the film noir feel. The murky skies remind me of a sepia photo... haha... or a really bad air day in Los Angeles. Makes me feel like I should have my inhaler handy, just-in-case...The thing ahead of you... what is it, you wonder. You look closer.... 'Are those bodies?!' You look even closer. 'Oooh, haha, dead rag dolls on nooses. Very clever.' And then you realize there are no seats and that your only option for a ride on this is likely in a noose yourself. 'Oh dear...."

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