Sunday, October 21, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Senzafine

Our Peas love the hunt. From our group chat:

Trahma Pandion (trahma): wow, that was fun... it was Fantastic! Best hunt I have been on in a long Time!

Malko Rosca: I just finished the hunt, it was great fun, thanks to all the owner of the 15 places and the organisers

adeleroseleee: I soooooooooo can't wait for the next hunt :) when is the next one, so I can put it in my diary, calendar, set my phone alarm and everything lmao xx

This succes is due to the story, the gamer have to follow, but also due to the prizes. They are far beyond the average. Today we talk to Synjari Le'Kitty (synjari myriam), owner of Senzafine - Curiosities & Accoutrements:

Synjari Le'Kitty: I've long been interested in creating within SL and in being an avid gamer, I've seen so many wonderful things and have thought to myself.. if only I could do what that person does. My styles is a range of different styles, as my interests lie in many different spaces, so I tend to create whatever I am most inspired by at any given time. Currently my product offerings are in furniture and garden items but I really would love to extend that to skins and clothing in the future. Basically I want to create things that I would absolutely love to have RL. Unlike RL work, creating in SL allows me to be creative without any boundaries or anyone directing which way I take my creativity. Creating for myself is thankfully an extension into creating for others. I'm just happy that there are people out there who love my work as much as I do.

See some products here:

And this is is your prize for the hunters:

Synjari Le'Kitty: I wanted to create something that signified the era that the story takes place and so I did a bit of web research into what styles of furniture were available between the depression era and going into World War II. I am absolutely in love with Rezso Seress' song, "Gloomy Sunday" which caused quite a stir in Europe during the war. The story that coincides with that song is a bit macabre so I felt it pretty fitting to use it in this way. The color of the chair does feel a bit gloomy, yet so beautiful... exactly like the song. I actually have been wanting to make a set involving the song, so the era that the story takes place was a good reason to start. I hope the hunters are happy with this gift!

How to start the hunt:

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