Sunday, October 14, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: ALH

WOW! More than 1.000 players already and more are to come! The Praying Mary Hunt is unexpected successful which caused some script bugs. Luckily they are solved now. If you could not click a cross or gift at the end, please come back and do now.

See here the second blog post in the brilliant FabFree blog:

But see here another wonderful hunt prize. Today we talk to Linus Humphreys, owner of ALH.

Linus Humphreys: "I create items and textures in second life since 5 years now. I spend a lot of time on details and I like vintage and grunge styles. My goal now is to offer the best mesh quality to my customers, for low prices."

An this is the wonderful prize for the hunters:

Linus: "For my first hunt, I will offer my music box. It is a mesh box, similar to the one you can see in the video game FEAR. It is animated, and you can listen to 5 different melodies."

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