Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Michigans Shack

The hunters are giving us so much positive feed back. From our group chat:
Morsmordre Furman: "o.o can I just say this is the best 10L I ever spent?? Any chance someone can tell me if we find out what happens to Lucas with the whole first one down thing? *dies of curiosity and shakes her HUD until more story falls out"

Taken by Autumn Moonlight at the hunt

But you are as well curious about the hunt gifts. Today we talk to 2WAT Michigan, owner of Michigans Shack:

2WAT Michigan: "I co-own the store Michigans Shack as well as the home & garden community The Cookie Jar, with my RL sister Jiovi Michigan....

As far as Michigans Shack is concerned i like to let the products do the talking, we make a huge range of different themed items from furniture to houses, boats to cars, castles to caravans, trees to waves, the list goes on, come & explore some time :)"

And see here the prize for the hunters:

2WAT Michigan: "In keeping with the legend of Praying Mary we bring you her bed! all blood stained & with one of her husbands stabbed laying on top, when Mary sits the animations play out a scene with restless sleep, sleep walking and of course praying...."

How to start the hunt: http://madpea.blogspot.de/2012/10/the-case-of-praying-mary-hunt-how-to.html

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