Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Chaos, Panic & Disorder

It really makes us happy that the hunt finds so much attention. Blogger DevinVaughn Resident listed the Praying Mary Hunt as one of the Horror-Hot-Spots: Fashion + Freebies for Men. Thank you, Devin!

As teaser for Halloween Tutsy Navarathna made a funny video. The Praying Mary Hunt is one of the filming locations. Enjoy:

Wanna see more hunt gifts too? Today we talk to Lilah Munster, owner of Chaos, Panic & Disorder:

 Lilah Munster: I try to make quality jewelry and acessories that you won't have to sell a kidney to afford.  And I believe that if it's something you wear, it should always have modify perms - always.

I love jewelry, and have made it in RL for years, as well.  There are things we can do in SL that aren't possible in RL, maybe because they violate the laws of physics... but I try to make my SL products look as "real" as possible, with details like fasteners, hooks, and rivets.

I make items for everyone... female avatars, male avatars, petites.  Most of my stuff tends to be goth, victorian, rocker/biker, or deco/nouveau, because those are the styles I love, but sometimes I'll go off and make something completely different, too.  I have fun making my items, and I hope my customers have fun with them, too.

Some recent items:

And this is the prize for the hunters:

Lilah Munster: I made a necklace inspired by Praying Mary herself.  It's a wooden cross with mysterious symbols burned into it, on a long rosary-style chain, with one bead for every one of her victims.  A knife blade pops out of the bottom on command.

How to start the hunt:

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