Thursday, November 15, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Vita's Boudoir

One day more and the next huge attraction opens at MadPea: The Enchanted Frost Hunt. Madpea is proud of the great participating vendors.

Today we talk to Vitabela Dubrovna, owner of Vita's Boudoir:

Vitabela Dubrovna: "Boudoir makes creations for avatars which want to achieve  original and outstanding look,we truly believe that people within SL wants to look in the way they can't in rl.This is why we create mostly fantasy and couture outfits and costumes including all accesoires like hairs,lashes,hats,skins,shoes and boots. We also create garden items and furniture."

See here some photos (taken from Vita's Flickr):

And what is your prize for the hunters?

Vitabela Dubrovna: "Boudoir created beautiful frosted antlers with many nice details."

Join us for the opening party tomorrow at 12 PM SLT!

How to start the hunt:

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