Monday, March 25, 2013

Then there was ONE...

She hunted for the virgin eyes, snapped the electric eels in half and slayed the stone golems... She persistently played for 7 hours and 15 minutes, died and was resurrected 19 times....
Ladies and gentlemen, we present you our Survivor, Xill Flux! *loud clapping*

First person to survive the Devil's Cave - Xill Flux

Kiana met up with Xill to talk about the adventure. 
Kiana Writer: What was your secret of surviving?
Xill Flux: Mostly it was just a matter of knowing where each of the deathtraps was and avoiding it on your next runs. I've done a lot of obstacle-course type play and dealt with severe lag on a fairly regular basis, so avoiding death was one of the easier parts.
Kiana Writer: What was the hardest part?

Xill Flux: The Astrology door. I couldn't figure that one out at all. I ended up having to wait until someone else managed to open it, then see how they did it.
Kiana Writer: ooh yeah.. might need some googling there, but yeah, that's our most challenging puzzle in this game
Kiana Writer: Have you played our games before or was this your first one?
Xill Flux: I've played a few. I try to make it to each month's game, but I get distracted quite often.
Kiana Writer: What were your favourite things about this game?
Xill Flux: Well, other than the prizes; I liked that it had a bit more of a gameplay feel than most of the standard hunts. It's also nice to see such heavy use of mesh, since it's still not often used in sim builds.
Kiana Writer: Would you say that you play mainly for the prizes or for the experience?
Xill Flux: Most hunts I'd say for the prizes, but this one was a lot more intricate than most. I'd say this sort of hunt is just as much fun playing as it is finishing.
Kiana Writer: And yes, prizes! We have some pretty amazing prizes in this game.. not to mention, you're getting 10k lindens for being the first! Did you think you were going to win it?

Xill Flux: I really didn't. About the first time I died, I figured my chances were shot, and that someone would make a perfect run in about an hour. By the time I got up, and was told that I was the first, I was amazed.
Kiana Writer: I heard that the person who came second really thought she won and was shocked to see you sitting there by the prize caskets :D Anything you'd like to say to her?
Xill Flux: We'd actually been chatting a good way through the hunt, and she did a very good job. The person who came in third seemed to be nearly three hours behind her.
Kiana Writer: yes, indeed

Kiana & Xill chatting and keeping an eye out
to make sure that stone golem doesn't dare to escape!

Kiana Writer: What are you planning on doing with the prize money?

Xill Flux: I'm hoping to put it towards a fund to have a custom mesh outfit/avatar made, to go with a sim I'm working on.
Kiana Writer: oooh.. tell us a little bit more about that sim
Xill Flux: Well, since I joined SL, I've been primarily part of the Military Community. The whole community is stagnating a bit, and I know there are a lot of small groups who would like to join in, if they could afford a sim. The idea is to make a sim that they can "Take Over", to have a home for their group.

Kiana Writer: That's a great idea, I wish you all the best with that
Kiana Writer: Military.. that might explain your survival skills :)
Xill Flux: Aye. The person who came in third is actually also someone who's been highly active in the military community.
Kiana Writer: Heheh, that's really interesting!
Kiana Writer: Final question for you.. What would you like to say to encourage those who are struggling with the game?
Xill Flux: Hrm. The course itself is mostly a matter of practice. If you have difficulties with a specific puzzle, though, it's definitely okay to ask others for help. Most everyone around here is friendly and have different strengths and weaknesses.
Xill Flux: That, and be careful of lag spikes. xD They can be lethal.
Kiana Writer: lol yeah, don't try to jump past lava then

Kiana Writer: I learnt that the hard way
Kiana Writer: or try to get past the owl pit
Xill Flux: I hope everyone manages to get through without too much pain, and to have fun. xD

Kiana Writer: YAYY!
Kiana Writer: Thank you so much Xill and congratulations on winning!

Xill did so awesome! Stay tuned, the Game will run until May 31st and there are plenty of surprises ahead!

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  1. Congrats to Xill, it was a challenging Game! Great interview :)