Friday, March 29, 2013

Honey the Conqueror

This is Honey Bernandes, owner of Vivid and the FIRST vendor of the game to have survived!
She beat the lag monsters and the stone monsters and came in 20th after dying ONLY 6 times!

Honey feeling a little bit worried...

Honey, tell us, what did you think of the game experience?
This is Super Amazing...I always enjoy MadPea Hunts, but this one was by far the Funniest & Unique. Can't wait to see what will be the next Hunt & wait for it anxiously :D

Were there any surprises?
The parts I was surprised the most was the Eye Statues / Golems & end where Glass Floor breaks & you fall to the Tomb Gifts

Going to kick some Golem butt!

Honey, we’re curious.. what was your favorite part?
OMG so hard to decide...from beginning to end was my Favorite...but the part I mostly laughed was the Eye Statues. Sharing the time with Vamparo (my partner) and just having fun makes it awesome

Did you get stuck anywhere or needed help?
Umm...I personally didnt have any issues, but did need to ask for a hint at Garden of Dreams...when they said "Far Away", didnt expect it to be at the end of the World LOL!

We saw that you died only 6 times, that's really impressive! What was your secret of surviving?
Oh WOW! Welllllll, I actually died 2 times on purpose to start over with my Partner...I think doing the Hunt with him was the best part. He died so much I would laugh very hard where stomach was hurting. But don't worry Babe, you eventually Survived :D
As per my secret? I'm play a lot of Online & Video Games (including Tomb Raider) so I felt in the Zone LOL!

Honey's partner, Vamparo being just a little frustrated with the Owl Guardians

How did you discover Second Life and how did Vivid come to existence?
A friend mentioned to me about Second Life...I was curious & like most, I got addicted. I became a DJ & enjoy it to the fullest, which I am still a DJ, but wanted to try something new, which made me decide in starting my Store & it has been a nice Journey. One of the 1st Hunts I did from MadPea was Sanity Falls & since then I have done pretty much all MadPea Hunts. Recently decided I would love to participate as a Vendor. I got accepted to The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior & it has been an honor working with such a great & well organized Team, I would surely love to participate again.

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products?
It’s still in the process of Expanding...But I mostly sell Female Clothing (Mesh & Non-Mesh) & a Few Male, which I have been working to place a lot more options to sell, including Shoes & crossing fingers everything turns out well.

Vivid Store

From inside the store

Finally, what would you like to say to the Peas that have not done the game yet?
What are you waiting for!??? I tell that to my friends, when I talk to them about MadPea Hunts "This is not a Traditional Hunt & I can assure you will enjoy it...DO IT!!!"
Special Thanks to ALL The MadPea Team!!! Their creativity is mind blowing & unique...You are masters of HUNTS & Keep up the great work <3
Check out this awesome prize that you get from Honey after completing the game! A full outfit for both sexes! Most definitely worth dying for. :D

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