Thursday, April 4, 2013

Madness Fair selected vendors and Opening party Info!!!

The time has come and we are super excited!! In a few days the first ever Madness Fair will be opening!  On April 7th at 12 pm slt the fair will officially open to the public. We have 25 great vendors that have set out Items for you to buy priced at 150L$ or less.  Here are the participating vendors;
MadPea Store
The Elegant Goth
Photon Pink’s
Death Row Designs
The Cube – Art Gallery
Almost Wonderland
Van’s Armory
Distorted Dreams
Michigans Shack
Never Totally Dead
Lyrical B!zarre
Oceania Breedables
^Wicked Sin Creations^
Lok’s Low Prim Furniture
Chaos, Panic & Disorder
Carries Lingerie

Also MadPea will have some of our own items out for sale as well. Lots of shopping to do with great prices. The fair ends April 27th. You have a few weeks but not long.

The Madness Fair is to bring you a lot of great vendors in one place at discounted prices. And of course we are “MAD”. We hope that a lot of you will join us in celebrating on opening day with three awesome Dj’s, Kadie Pinkenba, Guenevere DeCuir , and Glitch. Six hours of great music by great Dj’s in sl. So come party and shop all at the same time. We are also going to have a freak show! I mean it is only fitting since we will be in the Carneval.  So come for great deals, music and FREAKS!!!!

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